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POWER President Welcomes You

Greetings from the PCMA POWER Chapter!

As you move forward in your career, what are you hoping to accomplish?  Are you looking for ways to complete your continuous list of tasks, growing your gifts/talents, getting recognition from your employer, reaching your goals, getting a promotion, earning more money, become more fulfilled in your job, getting out of a rut or simply making it through the end of each day?  Whether you are an event planner, hotelier, supplier or consultant in the meeting industry, your job can be tough at times, making it challenging to accomplish things that are important to us.

We can, at times, allow the tough moments to consume us and get in the way of our desires.  When this happens, working on your personal growth can be a great way to reduce the negative impact of those tough times, creating inspiration in your life.  When you are growing, it’s what fuels you and gives you purpose in life.  But to grow means stretching yourself and getting out your comfort zone.  This is scary because it requires change, vulnerability and letting your guard down.

My main goal as president is for the POWER Chapter to provide education for you to grow personally.  This is done through our educational and social events, where you are given the opportunity to network and learn from other meeting professionals, allowing you to stretch (grow) yourself in a safe and inviting atmosphere.  Our Education Committee is working hard to develop content that is fun and engaging, while also fostering interaction and learning.

We work in the greatest industry in the world, hospitality, and there is a natural connection when we meet face to face at our Chapter events.  We share challenges and ideas, helping each other grow.  I want to personally invite you to our Chapter gatherings so that we can contribute to your personal growth!

In closing, I want to emphasize that the POWER Chapter board is committed to making the Chapter better for you.  If there is input you want to provide that will help the Chapter be of more service to you, please email me at

I look forward to serving as your PCMA POWER Chapter president!

London Young, PCMA POWER Chapter President

Lisa MosesPOWER President Welcomes You